Encourage Active Kid With Physical Activities For 60 Minutes A Day

Encourage Active Kid With Physical Activities For 60 Minutes A Day

Most parents, without a doubt, take a basic step toward managing their child's behavior at home by allowing the infant to 'treat' video content on their smartphone.

It is not incorrect, but it is preferable to set aside 60 minutes a day  to engage in physical activities for kids because it is both enjoyable and good to their development. 

Among them are:  

1) Riding a bike


As toddlers reach the age of two, they often embark on an adventurous journey of exploration, daring to venture into uncharted territory. In response, parents might contemplate the acquisition of a vibrant three-wheeled bicycle, not only as a means to enhance their child's physical prowess by strengthening those growing muscles but also as a conduit to nurture their budding sense of balance.

Moreover, this delightful contraption will serve as a platform for your child to master the art of pedaling, unlocking the secret to propelling the bicycle forward, all the while honing their ability to regulate their body movements with grace and precision. 

2. Get close to the natural surroundings 


An exuberant child simply refuses to stay still, their boundless energy a force of nature. You'll notice that most little ones, when cooped up indoors for extended periods, are prone to unleashing their frustration in the form of tantrums.

In response, parents often resort to the great outdoors, where these pint-sized explorers can acquaint themselves with their surroundings. Here, they can engage in tactile adventures, from caressing leaves, flowers, and grass to delving their tiny fingers into the curious world of sand. These sensory experiences not only serve to delight but also to awaken and nurture their developing senses of sight and touch. 

3.Play Ball 


Engaging in a game of ball is as effortless as it gets. Typically, young boys with an affinity for kicking that spherical wonder find themselves drawn into a world where focus sharpens, limbs become a blur of motion, and courage is honed through every kick and chase. 

4.Playing Soap Bubbles 


Engaging in soap bubble play isn't merely a source of enjoyment; it serves as a valuable activity for children. When grasping the foam blower and squeezing the fruit gun's trigger, it demands the development of finger and hand muscle strength, thus indirectly enhancing fine motor skills. Furthermore, the sensory experience it offers, with its smooth, wet, and sticky soap bubble texture, is deemed a highly beneficial exercise for children. 

In a world filled with screens and distractions, let's aim to empower our young ones with a daily mission: 60 minutes of active play. Encourage them to chase their dreams and passions, not just on screens, but in the real world, where their bodies can soar, dance, and explore. These 60 minutes of physical activity aren't just about keeping them fit; they're about nurturing their boundless energy, boosting their creativity, and laying the foundation for a healthier, happier future. So, parents and caregivers, let's make these 60 minutes a daily adventure, a journey of growth and fun, because active kids are happy kids, and happy kids are our world's brightest future. 

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