School holidays the best time for parents and children to have bonding together!

School holidays the best time for parents and children to have bonding together!

It's School Holiday! Without we realised, both parents and chilldren need some time off too. Thus school holidays offer numerous benefits for both parents and kids. Here are some of the advantages:

Benefits for Parents:

  • Quality Time: School holidays provide an opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children without the pressures of school routines and homework. It also allows for bonding and creating lasting memories together


  • Reduced Stress: With no school drop-offs, pick-ups, and homework supervision, moms often experience a temporary reduction in their daily responsibilities and stress levels. This break can provide a chance to relax and recharge
  • Flexibility: School holidays offer flexibility in planning activities and outings. Moms have the freedom to schedule outings, playdates, or vacations without the constraints of school timetables.


  • Enriching Experiences: School holidays present an opportunity for moms to expose their children to new experiences, such as visiting museums, exploring nature, or engaging in cultural activities. These experiences contribute to their child's growth and development.

Benefits for Kids:

  • Rest and Relaxation: School holidays allow children to take a break from the demands of school life. They have the chance to rest, rejuvenate, and catch up on sleep, which is crucial for their overall well-being

  • Pursuing Interests: Children can use their free time during school holidays to explore their passions and pursue activities they enjoy. They can engage in hobbies, join classes or workshops, and develop new skills


  • Family Bonding: School holidays provide an opportunity for children to spend more time with their families. They can engage in shared activities, have meaningful conversations, and strengthen their relationships with parents and siblings

  • Independence and Creativity: With less structured schedules, children have the freedom to explore their creativity and develop independence. They can engage in imaginative play, work on personal projects, and discover their own interests.Parents and children can check our various toys and activities here www.toyspark.my


  • Outdoor Exploration: School holidays often coincide with favorable weather, allowing kids to spend more time outdoors. They can engage in physical activities, explore nature, and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunshine

  • Enhanced Social Skills: School holidays offer children the chance to socialize with friends, neighbors, and extended family members. Through playdates, outings, or organized activities, they can develop and strengthen their social skills too!


 Parents and kids, please enjoy your every school holiday and make it memorable one.

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