Development of Newborns Up to 6 Months Need To Knows

 Development of Newborns Up to 6 Months Need To Knows

Absolutely, there's an unparalleled sense of joy that washes over us as parents when we bear witness to the incredible journey of our children's development. The excitement that fills our hearts when they achieve their latest milestones is akin to a symphony of emotions, and we eagerly seize these precious moments, preserving them for eternity through the lens of our cameras. 

Every phase of a baby's growth resembles a captivating and ever-unfolding novel, with each chapter introducing us to a new facet of their evolving personality and expanding repertoire of abilities. It's like embarking on an enchanting voyage through the uncharted waters of childhood, a voyage that offers us a front-row seat to their growth and evolution. 

Exploring the intricate stages of baby growth allows us to delve deeper into their world, unveiling the secrets of their developmental milestones, and giving us profound insights into their unique journey. These records of their growth serve as a testament to the remarkable beauty of parenthood and the boundless potential of our little ones as they grow and thrive.Let's all delve into the development of the baby that happens at every level in this blog


  • 0 - 3 Months 

Gently caress your baby's cheek or those tender palms and tiny feet, and you'll witness an enchanting reaction. During this phase, the symphony of their motor skills orchestrates a beautiful performance. Their ability to turn their head, gracefully extend their limbs, and even lift their head while lying prone showcases the choreography of their physical development.

Although their eyes are inquisitive, they have yet to focus their gaze. But at the magical six-week mark, a heartwarming smile graces their face, illuminating your world. 

By seven to eight weeks, they surprise you with their newfound dexterity, holding onto soft toys for fleeting moments. As they reach nine weeks, their world sharpens as they shift their gaze from one object to another, like a budding explorer.

Here's a pro-tip: Nurture their burgeoning listening skills with toys that produce delightful sounds, enhancing their sensory voyage through this wondrous stage of development. 

Example Toys : 

Poster August (5)Poster August (4)Poster August (3)

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  • 3 - 6 Months  

At the age of 14 weeks, the baby can roll from stomach to back and vice versa.Babies can also reach for objects and shake toys.Babies can already hold two toys at once and put them in their mouths.The baby can already lift his chest when lying prone.At the age of 16 weeks the baby has started kicking his legs.The baby's hand grip starts to blink and his motor skills are getting stronger. The baby can raise its head for a long time and look at you.

Pro Tips : Singing will cheer up your baby and stimulate his verbal skills. So, invite the child to clap and move his body according to the rhythm of the music  

Mic (3)

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To be Continued.....Stay Tuned.....

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